The timeline above was generated using data from the Reddit Live Feed covering protests in Hong Kong towards the end of 2014. The live feed began on the 28th September shortly after scenes of tear gassing and unrest began circulating. A total of 50 volunteers have at some point kept the live feed continually updated with tweets, vines, translations and aggregated sources of news for redditors, journalists and many people with a love for HK across the globe. As the ever morphing protests provided no official or clear end in sight, the live feed has continued updating into 2015 and inadvertently became the longest ongoing record of the movement.

By extracting data from this live feed we're able to generate a comprehensive timeline of the movement. Tracking the frequency of postings per day and per hour, we can highlight some of the key days and events that unfolded. Paired with other social media sources we can revisit some of the moments minute by minute that were perhaps overlooked among the chaos.

For a more detailed writeup of the Reddit Live Feed, check out this article by Lukas Messmer over on Hong Wrong.